Fred & Michelle Pexa


Fred & Michelle Pexa, hosts for this meeting, are the Apostolic overseers of Catch the Fire Saskatoon. They have been in ministry for over 36 years.  Fred & Michelle are both revivalists with a passion to see the Church carry the Glory of God to a lost and dying world -  From a place of Encounter to Transformation.       

John Arnott


John and his wife Carol Arnott are the Founding Pastors of Catch The Fire (formerly known as the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) and overseers of the Partners in Harvest Network of Churches as well as Catch the Fire World. 

As an international speaker, John has become known for his ministry of Revival in the context of the Father’s saving and restoring Love. As the Holy Spirit moves with signs and wonders, millions of lives have been touched and changed through God's power and Christ's love.

John & Patricia Bootsma


John & Patricia Bootsma have been in full time pastoral ministry with Catch the Fire for over twenty-four years.  As spiritual children of John and Carol Arnott, Patricia and John are presently the Sr. Leaders of Catch the Fire Canada.  Patricia has been leading houses of prayer for over fifteen years and is an Internationally recognized prophetic voice, having led the Canadian Prophetic Counsel and as a member of the World Prophetic Team for Catch the Fire.  John has a passion for societal transformation.

Trevor & Melanie Meier



Trevor and Melanie Meier are the Apostolic Overseers of Catch the Fire Winnipeg.  Trevor is a Revivalist who out of a powerful encounter with Holy Spirit and the Love of the Father brings a contagious passion for all of heaven.  He lives and breathes the heart beat of Revival!  Trevor also travels internationally frequently with his mentor John Arnott, seeing miracles, signs, and wonders wherever they go. 

Eric & Lindsay Dugas


 Eric and Lindsay are the lead musicians at Catch the Fire Winnipeg.  They truly are from our tribe!  With such tender sensitivity, they go deep in prophetic worship where the heavens are opened up and the Glory of God is released!