The House that LOVE Built May 2019 Update


Funds Up to Date

We have raised $96,000 of our $160,000 budget! That is 60% of the budgets! We are still in need of your help to finish this project. If you would like to give please click the Donate button.

The House That LOVE Built

The New Home


We are committed to working along side Kaio International Development Solutions (K.I.D.S) to see this home built!  Plans have been drawn up by a Canadian Architect along with consultation from an Engineers in India.  With the economy getting stronger in India, the home is now estimated to cost $160,000 CND.  It will house up to 60 people.  

Love Perfected Drives Out Fear


"Love Perfected drives out fear.." Love is only perfect through action.  And it is this kind of love that drives out fear.  The fear of Abandonment.... the fear of having no food... the fear of danger..... the fear of having no future.   It is this LOVE that will build this home.  The Love that is perfected by action!

Pradeep's Story


This little guy is why we do what we do! Pradeep's father died and  his mother became critically ill. Pradeep and his brother were left  abandoned! Little Pradeep is now in Kaio India's children's home, safe,  with a warm bed, food and a chance to go to school. This is what makes  us all smile.

First Floor


This Floor will house 5 separate staff families along with two suites for widows

Second Floor


This floor will house up to 30 children as well as on-site staff

Third Floor


This Floor will house full time staff, project teams as well as two separate widow suites 

Here's how you can Help!

Build a Room for Orphans!

 A Room that will provide warm beds and security for 6 orphans family costs just $2700 CND.  We need 5 rooms built

Build a Bathroom

 A Bathroom costs just $300.  
We need several bathrooms to accommodate up to 60 people.  

Build a Kitchen

 A Kitchen costs just $4500.  Kaio India is committed to ensuring that nuturious meals for our children and widows.  

Build a Study Hall - Build a Future

A Study Hall for the children cost just $3500 CND.  Education is key to giving these kids a future!

Build a Widow's Suite

A Widow's suite complete with bathroom costs just $3000.  We have need for partners to help us build 4 suites!

Build a room for our local Staff Families Care-givers

A room for staff families costs just $2700 CND.  Add a bathroom for just $300.   Without these families the home for the children could not exist!

General Needs for the Build

In Addition to the specific rooms, the home will require septic tanks, new wells, security walls, solar panels, windows, flooring etc.   EVERY SINGLE donation to this project is GREATLY VALUED.   There is a deadline for funds to be raised in order to complete the project within the timeline the Indian Government is demanding!  To date, K.I.D.S. has already raised $96,000 towards this project. 

Let's perfect love together and BUILD THIS HOME!

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