Sunday Morning Worship


Sunday Morning Gatherings - New Schedule 2020

Catch the Fire in Saskatoon has a specific mandate.  To Make Disciples and to Disciple Nations.   In order for us to fulfill our mandate, we are intentional in how we gather.  Our Celebration Services involve gathering corporately together. Our Discipleship model involves meeting in homes.
Beginning in January 2020, our Sunday Morning Corporate Schedule will be changing. 


HOUSE OF FIRE /House of Prayer


We invite you to join us for an extended time of City-Wide 

Worship & Prayer.  

DATES: Sunday January 12th 

TIME: 7pm

LOCATION: 1338 Ave B North Saskatoon

(Youth for Christ Building)

IGNITING 2020 Special Guest Speaker Dean Briggs



We are excited to announce that  our good friend Dean Briggs will be joining us. Dean is presently a full-time intercessory missionary, serving the senior leadership of IHOPKC. He has ministered across the nations of the earth, bringing revelatory dimensions from the Word of God concerning grace, Sonship, the word of righteousness, ekklesia,  reformation and revival.  

 Dean also serves with our senior leaders Fred & Michelle Pexa on the Steering Committee for Battle for Canada. 

DATE: January 19, 2020

TIMES: 10:30am & 7pm

LOCATION: 1338 Ave B North Saskatoon (YFC Building)


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